Monday, January 26, 2009

Say "cheese"

On a Tuesday night, Harvest Thyme drew in a group of over 20 Gabriola “foodies” to learn how to make cheese. The setting was very easy going and the instructors Robyn Klaassen and Tammy Waybull were interactive and a pleasure to learn from, sharing some of the minor mishaps that can occur in the kitchen, which seemed to just transform the cheese into another form. The key ingredient for both the Mozzarella and the Indian Paneer Cheese was a 4 litre jug of Milk, and a few minor supplies that are available at Harvest Thyme Whole Foods for a nominal cost. In just under 2 hours, we learned to make two types of cheeses, an impressive accomplishment that I’m sure I’ll be praised for at future dinner parties.

The new owners of Harvest Thyme and their staff seem to be taking off with a lot of energy and farm fresh ideas, to keep informed on what they have going on, you can subscribe to their newsletter at

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