Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gabriola │Social Media

I have just returned from Banff Western Connections Real Estate conference which centered around new trends & technology. During one of the sessions I started thinking about Gabriola and the many forms of social media that we use in our community.

Facebook is a wonderful platform to keep up to date with friends, as well as events that are happening on the island. Gabriola Artworks, if you haven’t made them a friend yet, is a great way to find out what’s happening with the arts & the upcoming events. Many other groups continue to emerge with things such as the Gabriola Swap & Shop (yep! online with your neighbors), and more recently we’ve been seeing local organizations joining with their members to keep everyone apprised at what’s going on…

Blogging is a gaining in popularity on the island with daily contributors from everything Gabriola to beautiful scenic photos taken of the island.

Searching the Flickr website and just searching a simple Gabriola generates over 6200 photos – most of the stunning scenic photos taken from around the island.

Of course, for those not online, there are still the old bulletin boards at the mailboxes that grace the island, and being a gulf island of course there’s always the rumor mill – a good source of information (reliable – well that might depend).

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