Monday, June 30, 2014

Gabriola. Searching the Sea.

We had the pleasure of taking a few kids out on the boat for a few hours yesterday,  within a short time frame we viewed an amazing amount of sea life.  We started our adventure by pulling the crab traps first, and we were pleased to find they liked the bait.  We then went and pulled the prawn traps and although they didn't overflow, there was enough there to please the kids.  We found an octopus in one of the prawn traps, which was an amazing sight for the kids.  We ended our trip with a little jigging, and managed to get a quillback in the boat.  The 9year old kids ended up with a nice little goodie bag of treats from the sea, and were pretty proud to be providing dinner for their families.  The shores of Gabriola are rich with fresh seafood and have an abundance of experiences waiting for you to discover! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer is HERE & so is the new ferry schedule !

We've just completed a new edition of the Gabriola Reference Card in time for the new summer ferry schedule, which is in place today (June 25 2014).  If you're on Gabriola, check your mail box as it should be there in the next day or two.  We realize that the ferry schedules might change, but in the meantime, we just couldn't leave you amiss and we really wanted to make island living just a bit easier for you.  If you'd like any extra copy of the reference card so you can leave it in your car or keep one on your desk, just visit our little community free library by the Gabriola Ferry dock (located just downstairs at the Skol).  We hope you enjoy a magical summer full of memories on Gabriola !

Car Share : another transportation option for Gabriola residents.

There is a great transportation option for those Gabriola Island residents going to Nanaimo.  The Nanaimo Car Share has a vehicle parked within a few minutes walk from the Gabriola ferry terminal at Port Place.  You sign up and purchase a refundable share, book your reservation online and pick up the vehicle, if your on an errand and need to extend your booking time a simple update from your smart phone allows you to check if your booking can be extended.  This is a great option for those that want to walk on the ferry, reduce their costs and avoid line ups on the commuter runs. To learn if this might be an option that suits your lifestyle, visit :

Sunday, June 22, 2014

MS: The Cowichan Grape Escape.

Cycling to the farms and wineries in the Cowichan Valley sounds appealing to you ?  What if it were to raise money to fight against MS.  There is a group from the Gabriola Lions that are going to participate in this two day event on July 5/6 2014.  One of our close friends has MS and we'd love if they could find a cure, so that her life and the 100,000 Canadians living with it, could enjoy a pain free life as well.  If you'd like to sign up and join us for a great weekend, please visit the Grape Escape website :

Join the fight against MS and register online today !