Friday, April 30, 2010

Gabriola - Events in May

As we approach May we have some exciting events happening around Gabriola, here are a few things that we thought are worth mentioning:

On Friday, April 30th the Surf pub, will re-open for the summer season with a party including giveaways, prizes free beer tickets, whiskey and Sea Cider tasting.

On Saturday, May 1st between 1-3, make your way down to the Folklife Village so you can throw your money in a hand painted trash can in the “SHAKE YOUR CAN” event, all proceeds go to the local non profit groups that created the cans. Randi, Jennifer and myself worked on the Gabriola Arts Council, Gabriola Volunteer Fire Dept, and Hot Lunch Program trash cans, so if you have any change those groups would love it (and so would we).

Suzy’s will become Robert’s place, the Grand Opening will take place on Saturday May 8th.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with us at the Surf Lodge on Sunday, May 9th. Brunch served from 10:30-1, followed by a live AUCTION of local ART and other fabulous items. Bid on a hand painted TRASH CAN, all benefiting local non profit groups. Auction starts at 1pm and will be hosted by Eric Boulton.

In the next month, we’ll see some of the businesses start to open at the Madrona Marketplace, it’s always great to explore and support new ventures.

We hope you get a chance to enjoy the outdoors and the community in the next month, check out the EVENTS calendar for more detials!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Golden Shoe Hunt- Regional Parks & Trails

The Regional District of Nanaimo has organized the 4th annual Golden Shoe Hunt. There will be 6 clues, one given each week from April 16th and May 21st, leading to six shoes in six locations. The hunt is meant to include those of all ages and requires no bushwhacking, so you can stay on the Regional Parks & Trails. If your lucky enough to find a token from one of the shoes, take it in to Oceanside Place in Parksville by May 31 to receive your prize.

Gabriola Island has a regional park, the Descanso Bay Regional Park is located within walking distance to the ferry and has a beautiful picnic area next to the sandstone beaches as well as some great camp sites, I'm hoping that one of the shoes will be placed here.

Here are the clues that have been posted so far, check the RDN site tomorrow for clue three (just be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page). Happy Hunting !
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clue Number Two:For the week of April 23rd - 30th
Travel south to find this suspenseful trail and The Abyss!

Clue Number One:For the week of April 16th - 23rd
You’ve been to the bridge, now walk the trail from the other end… t’u’an to? Regional

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fill the tummies of Gabriola Students

If you have a child that attends the Gabriola Elementary School, then you are likely familiar with Carmen Mattes. Carmen runs the LUNCH program at the school and ensures that there is the opportunity for every child to be nourished with a meal that's wholesome and filled with lots of nutrients. This program needs the support of the community, there are many ways to support this program, helping Carmen cook in the kitchen, donating food or helping to fund raise. If you're looking to contact her you can leave a message for her at the school, 250.247.9342.
Attend "The Trashformation" community art show on Thursday (April 22) at 7pm at Artworks and you can donate to one of Gabriola's many non-profit groups. Throw some money into this garbage can (part of the "shake your can"event), and it will go to filling up the tummies of Gabriola Students- it's so much easier to learn when you're not hungry.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coast Realty "Trends Conference"

Once a year in the spring, many Real Estate Representatives from the 12 Coast Realty offices attend the "Real Estate Trends Conference". This year it will be held at the Crown Isle Resort in Comox. It's a great way to get updates on the Real Estate Market and to network with people from other offices in our company and see whats happening in their areas. I'm always pleased to have a guest speaker in the afternoon, tomorrow we will have Ozzie Jurock speak about social media - it should be good and worth spending a day away from Gabriola to learn and support our company.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shake your cans, Gabriola !

The Gabriola Art Council has been working hard to change the way you see Garbage day. Up until now, it was a time to take out your trash, but after the "Shake Your Can Event", it will become the day where you sit your art piece by the curb .Non-profit groups are invited to participate in this fundraiser by painting a trash can—and the public is invited to donate! The decorated trash cans will be on display (and collecting donations!) throughout the Trashformation Show at ArtWorks. On Saturday, May 1st, the Arts Council will host a special Shake Your Can drive in the village. Community groups will quite literally shake their cans to encourage shoppers to toss money into their cans. Then at the Mother’s Day Brunch, all involved non-profits can display promotional material while the trash cans are sold in a live auction at the Surf Lodge. All proceeds from the auction of each can will go to the organization that painted it. $25 registration fee. Info Let's make the roads of Gabriola full of art on recycling/garbage pick-up days!