Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Amazing Community...

I’ve always known that Gabriola’s community is amazing, having had the opportunity to be part of it for the past 29 years. Well this week, has really made me aware of just how important it is to be part of a community, especially one that is like an extended family.

Earlier this week my brother in law was involved in a single vehicle accident. The emergency crew on the island were first rate, starting from the Fire Department that arrived on scene only minutes after the accident, and were able to remove him from his vehicle. Many of the firefighters were friends, and it meant so much to our family to have them on scene, as hard as it was, helping out. The paramedics were there shortly after and did an amazing job getting him packaged up & ready for transport. I also have to thank Dr. Bossman, who often comes out on calls in the best interest of the patients, Gabriola is fortunate to have such caring Doctors.

Thanks to the great care he got early on in his accident, he is recovering well - on Friday he was moved out of the ICU. So we are feeling so fortunate!

The overwhelming support we have received from friends, co-workers, clients & fellow islanders, has been such a comfort. (At times, we've been hiding behind the sun glasses, yet it was nice to see so many frienly faces, even when we couldn't talk about it, it just made it easier to see everyone...) My sister extends her thanks to everyone who has sent wishes, food, offers of help, play dates, and so much more… We are truly amazed, and feel so fortunate for living on Gabriola and for the amazing community that everyone on the island is a part of.

Thank you Gabriola… & to Guy we're sending our love & best wishes!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Artworks “Keyed Up”

It seems like only days ago (although I know weeks have passed) since Tina & Randi walked into the office and put a key on my desk. I knew exactly what was up, they had gone for coffee at Artworks, and Kathy had given us a key for the group “object” show.

I pondered, for far to long, what I was going to do with my key, when the idea struck me! My nephew is infatuated with pirates; I have a new fascination with sock monkeys so I was going to incorporate the two into a “monkey” project.

Thursday, June 26th marks the opening of this show, it will be a great evening with 29 artists work (and one wanna be artist) on display. If you haven’t been an opening show for Artworks on Gabriola, this definitely one of the social outings on the island not to be missed. Mark your calendar for Thursday evening 7:00 – 9:00 & we’ll see you there!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Mid-Summer Nights Eve at Ship's Point

This weekend the weather on the island, was fabulous - summertime on the island has arrived. Our mild temperate climate on Gabriola, means that we spend a great deal of time living outdoors - our front deck is one of my favorite spots…

Of course living on an island, we tend to attract a lot of friends visiting in the summer so our BBQ is going constantly! Last weekend was no exception, the near full moons reflection bouncing off the water, long daylight hours & the sounds of the kayakers paddles lapping against the water providing the perfect backdrop.

We fired up the outside fireplace & sat out enjoying the setting & company long into the night… (I have to plug Chris Bell for the amazing fireplace he built us, he is one talented stone mason). We are looking forward to more nights of enjoying the natural scenic beauty the island has to offer!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinner Out...

It’s been a while, since we’ve been to Silva Bay Marina, but tonight we took the kids out, to give their parents a night off, and they suggested we go for dinner. It couldn’t be just any place, but somewhere they would serve “Shirley Temples.”

So off to Silva Bay we went, we were greeted by the warm friendly staff (who are made up of neighbours & friends), a new menu... On top of that very exciting news that executive chef Chuck Currie was coming to the island to work with the kitchen staff there over the next few days… Just in time for summer season!

Overlooking Silva Bay marina on Gabriola, this location is a favourite destination for boaters, islanders & tourists alike with the exceptional deck that encompasses this setting.

Tonight we while the restaurant pub was packed, for Jam night, we were up in the family section. I’d highly recommend the Chicken Burger, but my niece, says the Shirley Temples are a must try – nice and sweet!

If your on island or visiting the island in the upcoming months, make a stop at Silva Bays large deck off the restaurant, it’s the perfect summertime place!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Leisurely Cardio Workout

I’ve been trying to take my fitness regime out of the gym, and into the fresh air for the summer.

So, I put the sneakers on and started jogging in the neighborhood. At the end of Sir Williams Drive on Gabriola, there is a road allowance, a foot path has been carved out which leads to a beautiful south-easterly facing beach. If you manage to make it past this point & to the end of Stalker Road, begins the path to Drumbeg Park.

One of Gabriola’s provincial park, Drumbeg is a favorite spot of both locals & tourists. The level path carves around the forest of Douglas firs while encompassing the scenic views of the sandstone beaches & Gabriola Pass. Winding your way through the park, there is also a wonderful picnic area, and the pebble beach in the bay offers great swimming waters.

Over the quaint walking bridge, leads to the other side of the park, which has more open field, in this area, you’ll see the Garry Oaks & some Arbutus which hug the shoreline. At the end of the path sits a bench, around the bench and back through this majestic park, & it’s home bound again…

The setting of this jog, makes it realtively painless (perhaps that & the fact that it’s only 20 minutes!)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tour de Gabriola

The “Tour de Rock” was held today on Gabriola. The weather was absolutely perfect for the event, as it was a moderate temperature and over cast skies. The three Lynch girls, sometimes referred to as the sisters (but really it’s Mother & dauthters) decided to bring the kids along for the full 27 km ride.

We had contemplated pulling the chariot, but at the last minute, Bianca whose all of 4 ¾ decided she was going to ride with myself on as she calls it the you & me bike. Micgill whose nearly 3 decided he would sit in a seat behind Randi, and let her do all the hard work (smart kid!) I am absolutely so proud & amazed that the both of them finished the full trip around the island…

The kids were great, they knew we were trying to raise money for a Health Care Clinic on the island, so they kept saying to pedal faster & raise more money! We believe though we didn’t get the final numbers, that there were more participants in this years event, and it was evident biking around all the smiling faces on bikes that we passed going the other way. In addition the vehicles out on the road this morning, gave us lots of space – so thanks to all the motorists!

In it’s 4th year, the event was once again extremely well organized, and it was amazing how many volunteers came out to look after the sign up, cheer everyone on & all the refreshment stops. Thanks again to all the volunteers & organizers, it was so much fun & such a good cause!