Monday, June 2, 2008

The Leisurely Cardio Workout

I’ve been trying to take my fitness regime out of the gym, and into the fresh air for the summer.

So, I put the sneakers on and started jogging in the neighborhood. At the end of Sir Williams Drive on Gabriola, there is a road allowance, a foot path has been carved out which leads to a beautiful south-easterly facing beach. If you manage to make it past this point & to the end of Stalker Road, begins the path to Drumbeg Park.

One of Gabriola’s provincial park, Drumbeg is a favorite spot of both locals & tourists. The level path carves around the forest of Douglas firs while encompassing the scenic views of the sandstone beaches & Gabriola Pass. Winding your way through the park, there is also a wonderful picnic area, and the pebble beach in the bay offers great swimming waters.

Over the quaint walking bridge, leads to the other side of the park, which has more open field, in this area, you’ll see the Garry Oaks & some Arbutus which hug the shoreline. At the end of the path sits a bench, around the bench and back through this majestic park, & it’s home bound again…

The setting of this jog, makes it realtively painless (perhaps that & the fact that it’s only 20 minutes!)

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