Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Amazing Community...

I’ve always known that Gabriola’s community is amazing, having had the opportunity to be part of it for the past 29 years. Well this week, has really made me aware of just how important it is to be part of a community, especially one that is like an extended family.

Earlier this week my brother in law was involved in a single vehicle accident. The emergency crew on the island were first rate, starting from the Fire Department that arrived on scene only minutes after the accident, and were able to remove him from his vehicle. Many of the firefighters were friends, and it meant so much to our family to have them on scene, as hard as it was, helping out. The paramedics were there shortly after and did an amazing job getting him packaged up & ready for transport. I also have to thank Dr. Bossman, who often comes out on calls in the best interest of the patients, Gabriola is fortunate to have such caring Doctors.

Thanks to the great care he got early on in his accident, he is recovering well - on Friday he was moved out of the ICU. So we are feeling so fortunate!

The overwhelming support we have received from friends, co-workers, clients & fellow islanders, has been such a comfort. (At times, we've been hiding behind the sun glasses, yet it was nice to see so many frienly faces, even when we couldn't talk about it, it just made it easier to see everyone...) My sister extends her thanks to everyone who has sent wishes, food, offers of help, play dates, and so much more… We are truly amazed, and feel so fortunate for living on Gabriola and for the amazing community that everyone on the island is a part of.

Thank you Gabriola… & to Guy we're sending our love & best wishes!

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