Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tour de Gabriola

The “Tour de Rock” was held today on Gabriola. The weather was absolutely perfect for the event, as it was a moderate temperature and over cast skies. The three Lynch girls, sometimes referred to as the sisters (but really it’s Mother & dauthters) decided to bring the kids along for the full 27 km ride.

We had contemplated pulling the chariot, but at the last minute, Bianca whose all of 4 ¾ decided she was going to ride with myself on as she calls it the you & me bike. Micgill whose nearly 3 decided he would sit in a seat behind Randi, and let her do all the hard work (smart kid!) I am absolutely so proud & amazed that the both of them finished the full trip around the island…

The kids were great, they knew we were trying to raise money for a Health Care Clinic on the island, so they kept saying to pedal faster & raise more money! We believe though we didn’t get the final numbers, that there were more participants in this years event, and it was evident biking around all the smiling faces on bikes that we passed going the other way. In addition the vehicles out on the road this morning, gave us lots of space – so thanks to all the motorists!

In it’s 4th year, the event was once again extremely well organized, and it was amazing how many volunteers came out to look after the sign up, cheer everyone on & all the refreshment stops. Thanks again to all the volunteers & organizers, it was so much fun & such a good cause!

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