Monday, June 16, 2008

A Mid-Summer Nights Eve at Ship's Point

This weekend the weather on the island, was fabulous - summertime on the island has arrived. Our mild temperate climate on Gabriola, means that we spend a great deal of time living outdoors - our front deck is one of my favorite spots…

Of course living on an island, we tend to attract a lot of friends visiting in the summer so our BBQ is going constantly! Last weekend was no exception, the near full moons reflection bouncing off the water, long daylight hours & the sounds of the kayakers paddles lapping against the water providing the perfect backdrop.

We fired up the outside fireplace & sat out enjoying the setting & company long into the night… (I have to plug Chris Bell for the amazing fireplace he built us, he is one talented stone mason). We are looking forward to more nights of enjoying the natural scenic beauty the island has to offer!

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