Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day 2008

Gabriola is a great place; we celebrate all occasions, in our own special way! Canada Day is no different; the Gabriola Ratepayers for many years have sponsored the Gabriola Potato Cannon Contest.

Each year several competitors (which has grown to an international level) show up at Brickyard Beach on the island, to fire their home made cannons complete with potatoes at Mudge Island. Over the years, the canons (made out of PVC) piping, have become more refined & the distance the potatoes travel become greater. It’s a hoot – the only propellant that can be used is hairspray, & there are lots of theories on which hairspray is the best to get. Other contenders will tell you that it is the length of the pipe that is important, or the way the potato is loaded.

Each contender gets two shots at it; the furthest of the two potatoes is the winner. The photo I’ve posted was with my niece last year; we placed in the top three! If you want to watch this great event, it’s being held at Brickyard beach 2:00 pm precisely (not the normal Gabriola time)! I’ll be out with the same big pink & black cannon as last year so cheer loud (especially if it fires)…

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