Monday, July 21, 2008

Firefighters Community BBQ a Huge Success!

Thanks to all the people who came out to support the annual firefighters community BBQ. The Kerplunks were a huge attraction for both kids & parents, their stage set against the shores of Gabriola was spectacular.

Our face painters did an amazing job, there were beautiful roses, butterflies, dragons & Sparky the fire dog - everywhere one looked. Our balloon entertainer, had a stream of kids following his every step!

On the grill Tim & team were cooking up hamburgers & hotdogs as dinner approached. We have to send out both HUGE thanks to Surf Lodge for not only helping facsilitate the whole event, but also having all the food donated through North Douglas - which was amazing.

Many of the islands local businesses got together to donate prizes for the silent auction table, and they were bid up & up, some by family members bidding against their significant others!

The dunk tank was a hit! After being nervous all day, I was so happy when my friend (who kept raising the dunk tank anti) showed up with a very overgenerous donation to by me out of the dunk tank, thanks Kazlowski family , I was so excited I must have told everyone there! Wow, am I blessed with good friends! Then when everyone knew, I watched Caroline a fellow firefighter take her spot on the seat, she was such a leading example, that I followed her lead… I had my husband who was nearly first in line, but I was thankful that his aim wasn’t as good as it normally is on the ball field, so I got dunked but by the kids mostly, and hey after the 5th dunking I was wet anyway for the 6th,7th, 8th & so on…

Thanks to the exceptional photography of Matt Simms, GVFD Firefighter, who took the photo I've posted today of me in the dunk tank (post dunking) & all the photos of the days events which can be viewed online through Budda Belly.

The Surf Lodge staff was exceptional… It was definitely the place to be on Sunday - thanks to all those who came out, who helped out, who passed on the word, who donated - this was a great kick off fundraiser for the community Halloween Fireworks put on by the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department!

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