Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shake your cans, Gabriola !

The Gabriola Art Council has been working hard to change the way you see Garbage day. Up until now, it was a time to take out your trash, but after the "Shake Your Can Event", it will become the day where you sit your art piece by the curb .Non-profit groups are invited to participate in this fundraiser by painting a trash can—and the public is invited to donate! The decorated trash cans will be on display (and collecting donations!) throughout the Trashformation Show at ArtWorks. On Saturday, May 1st, the Arts Council will host a special Shake Your Can drive in the village. Community groups will quite literally shake their cans to encourage shoppers to toss money into their cans. Then at the Mother’s Day Brunch, all involved non-profits can display promotional material while the trash cans are sold in a live auction at the Surf Lodge. All proceeds from the auction of each can will go to the organization that painted it. $25 registration fee. Info gabriolaartscouncil@shaw.ca. Let's make the roads of Gabriola full of art on recycling/garbage pick-up days!

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