Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fill the tummies of Gabriola Students

If you have a child that attends the Gabriola Elementary School, then you are likely familiar with Carmen Mattes. Carmen runs the LUNCH program at the school and ensures that there is the opportunity for every child to be nourished with a meal that's wholesome and filled with lots of nutrients. This program needs the support of the community, there are many ways to support this program, helping Carmen cook in the kitchen, donating food or helping to fund raise. If you're looking to contact her you can leave a message for her at the school, 250.247.9342.
Attend "The Trashformation" community art show on Thursday (April 22) at 7pm at Artworks and you can donate to one of Gabriola's many non-profit groups. Throw some money into this garbage can (part of the "shake your can"event), and it will go to filling up the tummies of Gabriola Students- it's so much easier to learn when you're not hungry.

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