Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Made Valentines Cards

Being a bit of a romantic, I find that valentines is one of my favorite holidays... I love the cards - both the ones that are home made, and the kids cartoon cards - that just seem to get cuter each year!!!

So when Valentines was around the corner, I started my search on the Internet where there were hundreds of great ideas for making home-made Valentines cards. I cam across a website that had some simple ones to make that I thought might be fun to craft with the girls, for their Gabriola Preschool Valentines Party...

Originating from w. these fun lollipop lilies -were a hit, and relatively simple to make!

The flower patterns are available online at: , then just print them (ideally onto a colored card stock paper. Cut around the dotted edges, punch a whole in the middle of each - to put the lollipop through and let the kids decorate away... For simplicity we just used sparkle glue and did around the petals, which gave them a nice shimmer & looked a lot like fairy dust (a girls favorite thing!)

Next we tackled the leaves, which again the pattern is posted online at: , again you'll want to print them onto colored card stock, green is nice, but the flowers can also have a purple leaf! We carefully cut around each of the leaves, and again just put even more sparkle glue on them just the edges... Then it's time to put the name of the lucky recipient on the front of the leaf and the card creator on the back!

On a whim we slightly altered the cards and punched a hole in the leaves and pushed them up the lollipop stick until they reached the wrapper, which made them stay... For displaying them we took a foam lined basket filled it with moss and stuck all of the flowers in - ready for giving!

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