Saturday, February 21, 2009

Relocating Homes

Over the years several homes to Gabriola have come as reclaimed homes from various areas. As real estate values have soared in parts of the Province, the land value is so great in some cases that it affords home owners the opportunity to build new. But with all the “green” and recycling initiatives, the idea of relocating homes, instead of demolishing them, has had a strong appeal.

Many of our relocated homes to the island have come from the mainland, via a barge, allowing a home to be relocated a greater distance than by trucking it. It’s quite the site to see from the shores of the island, a home floating past, and coming into Descanso Bay, where it is then put on a truck and delivered to a property, usually in the middle of the night.

The T&T property which was recently sold, had a home on the property that effected the development potential of the property, but instead of demolishing the home, the owners took care to have the home relocated. The new owners of the home, are very excited about the opportunity to keep some of the islands heritage. The “character” home, that many of us drove past on a daily basis without much notice, is believed to have been constructed circa the 1940’s and from long time islanders, the folklore goes that it served as the post office between 1943 to the early 1950’s. The new owners, even discovered a door in the home, that one time served as a drive-thru for the post office! It has been private residence since then to a couple of long time island families, and now is being moved on the island to a new site, where it will be renovated. It’s great to see that more of Gabriola’s heritage is being preserved! (If anyone has more history on this particular home, could you please email us with the details- we love the heritage stories.)

There are several home listings from Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver down to the US of homes for sale to be relocated. Nickel Brothers, is one of the moving companies of homes, have a wonderful website offering information on current stock, frequently asked questions, to process and so much more, check them out at: .

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