Sunday, January 4, 2009

Checking the neighborhood fridge.

It’s the perfect place, just a short two minute walk down a quiet street the kids run to see if there are any fresh veggies growing in Dennis’s road side stand on Thompson Road. If you’re interested in the 100 mile diet, look in your own neighborhood to see what might be available. Dennis supplies many happy customers with kale, strawberries, raspberries, cucumber, zucchini and fresh greens, just to mention a few. I’m always delighted to see a fresh bouquet of Dahlia’s from the stand sitting on my table, for about $4.00 it’s definitely worth the warmth they bring into a home or the smile on a friend’s face.

The other neighborhood fridge, is literally everyone in the neighborhoods, it’s great when you run out of your essential grocery items to knock on a door and arrange a trade for that much needed milk for your morning pancakes, rather than driving in your car to go to the grocery store. We enjoy when this happens and when our friends and neighbors end up making good neighbor cookies, a compilation of eggs from one neighbor, flour from another and chocolate chips from the family at the end of the street, the trade off for this is usually a few freshly baked cookies & time talking to the people that surround you.

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