Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trendy & Re-usable Bags

A year ago, a friend introduced me to my first, yes very trendy, but re-usable bag. After I started to use it, my sister decided that she needed one as well… These eco-friendly bags are catching lots of attention – with their vibrant colors & patterns their like a new fashion accessory while persuading individuals to make a small and easy lifestyle change to benefit the environment.

On Gabriola we are lucky to have the support of our local grocery store, Village Food Market. They have just announced a contest, looking for the artwork which will appear on their re-usable shopping bags. They are challenging artists to portray an image of what Gabriola means to them, and are offering a $500.00 prize for the image they use. I’ve been encouraging Tina, to get out the paint brushes and put something together – she’s a fabulous artist. ..

I can hardly wait to get my hands on my trendy uniquely Gabriola “Green “ Bag!

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