Monday, April 7, 2008

Adopting a Polar Bear

It’s quickly approaching my brother in laws 41st Birthday, since I don’t think he knows how to google, I don’t think there’s much chance of him reading this, I hope he doesn’t prove me wrong! I was trying to come up with some gift ideas, when I thought about my niece & nephew and what they might like to get their dad as a gift, and of course that’s when it came to me...

My brother in law has an amazing fascination with Polar bears, my neice and nephew share his enthusiasm of all animals. I quickly did some research online to come up with the idea of “Adopting a Polar Bear.” For a $40.00 donation, you can help the WWF in their work to save wildlife & help in protecting their habitat. This is a gift that keeps giving, in helping to preserve the natural heritage for generations to come – and how can that be more suitable than getting this gift from his children!

The WWF also has a polar bear tracker, so you can read the biographies of 6 female polar bears & cubs in the Hudson Bay area & track their migration at; .

I’m looking forward to the shared enjoyment the family will get from their adoption kit, including a photograph & adoption papers, a plush animal, along with a brochure outlining the work that is being done. Happy Birthday Guy!

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