Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gabriola - More than a place to live!

Being a Realtor on the island, I am often asked what I like best about living on Gabriola; of course it’s hard to sum up all the things I like about the place I’ve called home for 29 years. Other than the islands inherent beauty and the amazing people that make this island what it is, I would have to say the amazing sense of community!

With a base population on the island of approx. 5500 people, made up from all walks of life, there is a fantastic sense of community. A simple visit to the islands local grocery store is changed from a mundane task, to an opportunity to visit with friends, catch up with what’s new with the cashier, or visit with your “neighbor” in the line up.

For me one of my favorite spots is the Co-op, where at 9:00 am you’ll find the friendly faces of the same crowd nearly every morning, there to get their morning coffee fix & catch up on the local happenings.

It’s not hard to become part of this community, find a hobby, interest, or volunteer (there’s always plenty of organizations looking for assistance) – it’s a great way to meet new friends and integrate into the community… What's your favorite thing about Gabriola?

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