Saturday, April 5, 2008


I heard someone once say that they thought that in a past life they were a crow, I was intrigued to hear it was because in this life they were attracted to shiny objects.

My fascination with shiny objects usually is of the wearable variety, mostly jewelry and particularly necklaces. It started some time ago, by a piece I received from family back in Norway, I was so intrigued by the uniqueness that I found the designs online. I’d like to warn you before visiting this site that it is highly addictive, but absolutely beautiful quality pieces . I am amazed how many times when I wear these accessories I am asked where I found them.

Of course living on an island with so many fantastic jewelers, the collection gets rather large, as it’s nice to support all the local artists, a visit to Artworks on Gabriola will give you a sampling of the wide variety of offerings. Many of the jewelers on the island also have studio’s, at their homes that they open on occasion & some exhibit their works at the Farmers Market. A trip to the island isn’t complete without discovering the amazing talents of our local artisans.

With my deep attraction to shiny things, I also believe in my past life I was a crow!

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