Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Realtors Safety

I was alarmed to hear of the death of a young Realtor in Victoria, earlier this year. Coming from a small community, we tend to feel very safe in our surroundings; it’s one of the islands attributes that I like best! It’s unfortunate that something so drastic occurred before beginning to review & consider the way we do our business…
Around the office we started discussing safer business practices; meeting with clients at the office, keeping showing hours during daytime, client screening, & accountability measures. On the island, open houses are a rarity so we are blessed not to have the additional safety concerns associated with sitting alone in a home – which I am thankful for.

Today I had the opportunity of taking the SAFER program offered down in Victoria, which provided some additional ideas to Realtors in their day to day practices, focusing on awareness & prevention, we’ll be taking that information, along with researching what is being done for Realtors safety elsewhere throughout BC & abroad, to a newly struck, Realtor Safety, task force & bringing recommendations back for the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board of Directors to consider.

I feel fortunate to belong to part of an organization that cares about its member’s safety!

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