Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Herring Spawn off the Gabriola Shoreline...

If you have a chance in the next few days, go down to berry point and check out the beautiful color of the ocean. The Roe herring are spawning and the roe has matured to reach its optimum quality. This brings the commercial boats close to the shoreline, you can hear the machines and the fisherman talking and see the seals in their glory. The herring are fished for their Roe, a delicacy in Japan. It's an amazing sight to see the color of water change and the flurry of sealife at your feet.

My kids and I have been reading a novel "Becca at sea" which gives an adventurous description of a grandmother rowing out to show her grand daughter the roe in close proximity off the shores of Hornby island. We were a little less adventurous and stood on the shore, but maybe well get out on those kayaks a little later.

Photo Courtesy:  Karen McKean

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