Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gabriola Real Estate Testemonial

From time to time we receive feedback from our clients on the service we as the Lynch's provide to Buyers & Sellers on Gabriola.  Here's an email we recieved from a client who said we could pass it along...

Three years after I bought my land at 1046 Harrison Way in Nov. 2008, I was still benefitting from the expertise and thoroughness of having dealt with the Lynch's as realtors.  They gave me so many important papers, things I did not, at the time, realize I would need.  Most recently, after purchasing a mobile home from Gordon's Homes, the Regional District of Nanaimo insisted more than a year later that they must see the proper Letter of Certification re: the septic system.  Luckily the Lynch's had providied that with the sales file.  in fact I seem to recall it was an item they were insisting must be completed before my purchase was finalized.  I did not understand why it was important at the time, but it certainly was. ...

A. Torchia

We are always greatful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients!

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