Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ever wanted to Sail around Gabriola

True sailing is a new business to Gabririola Island, serving and catering to visitors.

"For many reasons, we are blessed, fortunate to have discovered Gabriola Island, the people, the wild life, the wild turkey's, the deer and the robins, the ducks and the geese, witness the free spirit of the eagles as they soar over head sailing in the wind. Not far from this setting, is the shore and the sea, where my own spirit is set free, where my passion can not be contained, where my horizons are limitless and my dreams infinite, yet I am not dreaming, I am sailing aboard Samatas, the most perfect boat in the world, in the most perfect bay, in the place I call home, Gabriola Island BC Canada.

Henceforth,our hope and desire is, to share, this passion, this ability, this effortless interaction of wind, man, and vessel, to teach, compliment, gratify, and satisfy, and above all provide a day of TrueSailing"
Truesailing to all, Michael E Zane

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