Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tulipa commonly known as Tulips

My sister brought me the most beautiful boquet of tulips today, handpicked by my neice & nephew from their garden.

Gardening on Gabriola has it’s challenges, the deer tend to eat

everything (even the things they aren’t supposed to like!), water
conservation is a high priorty, the soil on the island tends to be full of rock, not to mention the rabbits & peacocks that have taken residence in some neighborhoods on the island.

If you have some soil, and a fenced in area, tulips are a great choice of flowers to grow, these early blooming bulbs, seem to thrive in the islands mild climate. They are easy to grow, and you don’t have to have gardening experience to plant the bulbs in the fall & watch in amazement as they grown in the garden in Spring. Tulips can also make a great gift by potting up the bulbs in a nice pot, or additionally then can make the most beautiful fresh cut flower arrangements.

I have two all time favorite types of tulips;
1) The double tulip – that has a full body, and reminds me of one of peonies. Mass plantings of these in the garden are especially attractive.
2) The fringed edge tulips – which has fringed petal edges. They make a beautiful focal point & are unusual and elegant.
One of the nicest pairings in the garden with tulips can be pansies which can offer a contrast in color & height.

I’m almost looking forward to the fall to introduce more plantings of more tulips into the garden!

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