Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

As biased as I may be, I think I may be surrounded by the best Moms in the world. My immediate family, is very close, we still all live on Gabriola. As a close family unit, when my sister, my mother & myself are not busy working together, as best friends you can usually find us also hanging around together in our time off as well!

My Mother is an amazing person, there are not often days that I don’t reflect back to growing up with my sister, coming home after school to a fresh baked batch of Mom’s oatmeal cookies or the special notes that she used to put in our lunch boxes reminding us how much she loved us. All her artisan creations she would make us in all the various mediums. I remember from a young age realizing there wasn’t anything my Mom couldn’t do & do the best. Her strive for perfection in everything she did & still does is evident, I think it is especially emulated in her being a Mom – her endless support in all that we want to accomplish & helping us find a way!

To Mom, you are an amazing person, I thank you for still always being there to help us,to teach us something new,& for showing us how to just be better… You always lead by example.

In thanking my Mom for all that she is & everything she has done continues to do, I also need to thank Mr. Mom, who had a hard role to fill when Mom was away but always tried. Dad thanks for trying to teach us how to spin, (even if it was elastic), or making waffles when Tina & I asked – even if you used icing sugar instead of flour, you always tried, and never said no… I love you for that!

I now look at my sister, and see her following in my mom’s foot steps with her children, who I am watching grow up to be amazing little persons...

So to the Mom’s in my life – I am so proud of you & fortunate to have you in my life. Happy Mothers Day!

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