Monday, December 14, 2009

A walk through Bethlehem

Last night I took my kids to the Bethlehem Walk in Parksville, this was our 4th time attending the walk which is held over a 4 day period just before Christmas.
They have re-created what a walk through Bethlehem was like when Jesus was born. You wander past the donkeys, sheep, chickens and goats to the manger where there is a beautiful newborn with his mom. There is straw at your feet and stars (a string of small lights) that guide you through the walk.
On your way you stop and talk to the store keepers who let you know that a baby was born just outside of Bethlehem. The storekeepers are all in costume (well over 250 volunteers), on our walk we watched a blacksmith working- he gave them each a penny that he turned into a "shekel" with the Star of Bethlehem inprinted on it. We also got to visit a candlemaker, an essence store, a tailor, shoemaker, jeweller, fish store, and baker. A scribe was there to translate your name into hebrew, and my daughter learned how to make a bagel.
At the end you are led to "Jerusalem" for a cup of Hot Chocolate, cookies and carolling. The event is free, any donations of food and money go to the Salvation Army.
This has become one of our favorite Christmas traditions, I'd encourage you to take the ferry from Gabriola and drive 30minutes to attend this event. Dress warm, as a large portion is outdoors and we were there for three hours, also lines were shorter after 7:30pm. (submitted by:Tina Lynch)
Bethlehem Walk Village is open December 12 through 15, 2009 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Parksville Baptist Church -- 550 Pym Street.
Shalom !

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