Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A homemade Christmas...

What a fun and memorable Christmas we had this year on Gabriola. My parents, Randi & Jack, still live in the same house that we grew up in so for Jennifer and I there are many great memories in each of the rooms. This year we aimed to make most of the gifts that we gave away, and I found it much more exciting then the few items I ended up purchasing.

I completed a mosaic piece from the course I took with Karen Aaker and gave it to my husband, the kids received a teddy bear (well, dog and alien to be precise) designed from their drawings- a technique I learned from trading art classes with a special friends, and my sister received a painting. I was very pleased to receive an art course at Jupiter Ranch in February and a beautiful pair of felted gloves from my sister.

The weather was perfect for a Christmas walk, we shared too much good food, and had great company, all the perfect recipe for a great Christmas.

We were so thrilled at how the kids marvelled in everything homemade, that we are starting early this year, and looking for creative ideas for Christmas 2010 - if you have a great craft/gift idea, please let us know or even better yet, send us the instructions!
(submitted by: Tina Lynch)

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