Friday, October 16, 2009

Beauty beneath the waves: Diving on Gabriola

It’s a different view when you explore what lies under the surface, can you believe that another world exists so close to us ? It seems so easy to miss this, until you see photos of the beauty below. Shannon Poirier & Don Knowles came to the Island as dive enthusiasts, quickly they decided to buy property and began building their home. They now have a company called Ocean’s Blue Diving which offers diver training from beginner to Divemaster. As someone that’s a bit reluctant to learn all the technical components of diving, I was excited to see that they offer a discover snorkeling course for $50, for me this is the perfect introduction to the world below. They also offer wreck diving, deep diving, night, navigation, drift diving, dive gear rentals and compressed air. Enjoy life at a different level and gain a new prospective.

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