Thursday, August 13, 2009

A trip to Oz…

Well firstly, I have to start off by stating that this is all about being an Auntie, which gives me HUGE bragging rights, which will be apparent in this blog…

Last weekend, at the home Tina & I grew up in on Gabriola, we celebrated by neice Bianca, and nephew MicGill’s birthday party and WOW, what a spectacular celebration. Our friends & families came to take a walk on the yellow brick road where they met Oz, the wicked witch of the East (aka Tina my sister), the good witch, Tin Man, and hosts Dorothy (B) and Lion (M). Along the journey their were games to keep the munckins busy and it truly felt like we had left Kansas and ended up in the magical world of Oz (Gabriola).

Guy stole the show, as the Tin Man who kept telling everyone he only wanted a heart, but he couldn’t resist blurting out to our local Dr. that he also wanted his spleen back!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate, and to our hostess Dorothy(Bianca), and Lion (MicGill) – I am SO proud to be your Auntie, you guys are both amazing kids!

Happy Birthday!

XOXXO Your Auntie, Jen

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