Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ever thought of Joining the Circus???

Well today on Gabriola the New Old Time Chautauqua came to the island with its crew of 61 performers to give Gabriola Islanders a full day of circus events…

The musical vaudeville circus in its 28th annual summer time tour, came through the Village in full costume and musical instruments, and I mean through the Village leading the parade… Everyone was welcome and there were many familiar faces in the crowd, mostly behind big red noses… No sooner did they enter the parking lot at the Folklife then the parade carried on through Village Food Market, gaining yet more unsuspecting shoppers who soon became lured by shiny instruments, and the vibrant costumes. In front of Artworks they did a teaser of what’s in store for their big performance at 7:00 tonight at the Commons, and tickets are available right at the Entrance to the Commons.

But before the show these merrymakers led the parade, first through the office & out the back window, back to the Commons. All those who had ever thought about joining the circus were welcome by the performers both adults & kids had the opportunity to learn a variety of skills including juggling, acrobatics, mask making, clowning, etc.

For those that can’t get enough tonights “Big Show” is going to inspire – bring a blanket or a chair, the performance take place on the lawn...

The New Old Time Chautauqua is a non profit organization, whose mission is to nurture and build community through laughter, entertainment and education. They present family-oriented events in diverse communities, especially to rural and under-served populations. The traveling troupe partners with local organizations and service groups, with the intention of inspiring creativity and supporting community.

This summer Aqua Chautauqua will travel by boat and bus to maritime communities in Canada and Washington State. The merry band of performers and educators will create community events with colorful
Parades, creative and informative workshops and vaudeville shows with all the bells and whistles.

This show will benefit the fund raising efforts of the Commons to reduce carrying charges for the mortgage and enable renovation projects to get underway sooner. Thus the motto at "The Commons... a Place For Everyone" can be truly implemented!

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