Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Work Party

No, I’m not talking about gathering with co-workers for a glass of wine, but that’s also a lot of fun too! When you live in a rural setting, there are always projects that you can work on or come up with on a moments notice, I have a long list of them hanging on my fridge.
A few years ago, we decided that it would be fun to spend a day off working together with friends to start and sometimes finish projects together. Our group, was made up of five Gabriola families and our goal was to go on a rotation once a month to one of the homes and work on whatever project they had chosen.

The day started at 10, with lunch provided by the hosts at noon, and a potluck dinner served around 5. Officially beer & wine we’re opened at 4, but I seem to recall seeing a beer a little earlier than that once or twice. A few of the projects that we worked on: fencing, chopping firewood, moving, laying floors, painting, prepping garden beds & harvesting some crops, pruning trees, a lot of raking and lots of burning which allowed for some marshmallow roasts.

This was a great way to get things done and to have some fun at the same time, it’s nice to visit friends and look around their house and feel like you’re a part of it. We were sad to see one of the families leave the Island in October and haven’t been on track since, but I’m sure we’ll be back into working with our friends again when Spring hits. Submitted by: Tina LYNCH

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