Thursday, March 5, 2009

Raising Coho

It certainly is a lot of work to raise a puppy, but the little tail wags and the unconditional love are more than worth it.

We've recently added a puppy to our family, a much wished for gift for the kids that were missing their previous dog. He's more than filled our hearts, he's taken over the house with his toys and puppy fur. One of our neighbors watched Coho for us when we went away for a few days, a twenty four hour job for her that caused her to fall in love too. Now, we see Chalise two or three times a week when she comes to take him for long walks and playdates with other animals, last week he met with a few dogs, a horse and touched noses with a cat. He also loves to go to the beach, Spring Beach, Islands View, and Drumbeg are a few of our favorite Gabriola beaches.

It's great to have the support and have a neighborhood dog, honestly I think I would have fallen behind on the play dates for the puppy. Submitted by: Tina Lynch

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