Friday, August 1, 2014

Slaying the BRICKYARD beast.

If you've ever cycled around Gabriola, you'll be familiar with Brickyard hill, if you rode up it, you'll know the hill that I'm talking about.  In honor of this hill, Islanders have created one of the toughest 10km road races in Canada, The BRICKYARD BEAST, quite the sunday morning challenge. 
It is fun(!?!) and a well planned event, there is a strict code of silence while climbing the beast (until you catch your breathe) and a great station at the Gabriola Golf Course, where you can enjoy a simple cool down as the Island kids spray you with their water guns.  When you get to the finish line, you'll be greeted by spectators and  you can soak up some community spirit at the Commons, where there is an after party- complete with pizza and music.
There is still time to register, so throw on those runners, stick on a smile and head to the hill - I'll see you there, on my second beast slayer run, if I'm not talking - I'm just trying to get my breathe!

Submitted by Tina.

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