Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ever thought of MOVING a house ?

Ever thought of being offered a house for free ?  Achitrave, a local architect company on Gabriola is doing just that.   If you have a property but were waiting to build, this might be your chance to get started.  If you haven't purchased a piece of property on Gabriola yet, but find this opportunity too amazing to turn down, then come talk to Randi, Jennifer or myself and we'll find you the perfect property to set the house on.
Here's the details from Architrave, please contact them at the email below for further information.

1,000 square foot Log House in excellent condition to be claimed free.

Needs to be moved off Gabriola property by the end of September 2012.

Removal is at takers expense.

Nickel Brothers has assessed viability of move and provided estimated cost.

Architrave has assessed costs for new foundation and services hook up and would be happy to work with purchaser to facilitate all aspects of the move.

Brochure available at Architrave office.

House viewing Wednesday, August 22, 11am. Contact for directions.

Submitted by: Tina Lynch

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