Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Tour: Introducing the work of Simone Bell

As we get ready for the Studio Tour, we will begin to introduce you to the works of some of the artists opening their studios on Thanksgiving weekend. Today's artist is Simone Bell, I have a few pieces made from her and love them, they range from decorative to functional, and lots of times a mix of both.


Simone Bell
As a Ceramic Artist I first create my canvass which is either two or three dimensional. I work with 5 types of clay creating porcelain jewelry, raku wall art and high fire functional pieces. Some of the many themes that inspire me are the stunning natural beauty of the West Coast, whimsical creatures (such as mermaids), spirituality and our human emotions. My functional pieces are art you can use and I hope the decorative ones are a unique way to add beauty to your home. Come see for yourself at the Island of Peace Yoga Centre beside the Co-op.

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