Tuesday, August 17, 2010


On August 20,21,22 the Gabriola Theatre Festival will be in full swing on Gabriola and there is a lot to offer everyone from chuckles to tears. Street Art takes place this weekend- so you can pick up some local art between performances, Lochnivar lane will be closed to vehicle traffic as 50 artists set up there booths and display there stunning works of art. I just bought tickets for two of the plays from the kiosk located right in front of Artworks (which will be open everyday until the festival), and saw that a few of the plays have already sold out. Mara Brenner is busy training up some of Gabriola's youth to do a dance performance on stage during the festival, they will be dancing to the beat of "Broadway Baby" on Saturday at 11:30 and Sunday at 4:15. It'll be a great weekend to celebrate the"drama" of this creative island!

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