Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gabriola Historical & Museum Society - The Shale

If you love to know bits of history, you may really enjoy reading a copy of the Gabriola Historical & Museum's society's "Shale". I had a dear friend drop off a copy for me at work today as she knows I'm working on a project that focusses on the history of Gabriola. A few weeks ago I attended the "Shale evening" at the Roxy, it was an interesting night that gave me more knowledge about the Island's History, I particularly liked hearing about the start of the Ambulance Society.
If you' like to be a member, please email the museum at info@gabriolamuseum.org, if you'd like a copy of the Shale, you can purchase one at Artworks or order one through the museum, inquiries can be made to shale@gabriolamuseum.org. If you'd like to attend the AGM it will be held on Tuesday, Feb 16, Women's Institute Hall starting at 7pm.
If you have any old photos of Gabriola, I'd love to see them, please an email to lynch@discovergabriola.com if you do.

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