Friday, November 20, 2009

Fairy Fridays

When my daughter was 6 weeks old, one of my neighbors started a small group on the island for moms with newborns. We met on Fridays for lunch, exchanged parenting ideas from books and experience, shared little milestones, passed along clothes and toys to each other, and supported each other when parenting presented a challenge. Each Friday we would rotate lunch dates at one of our homes.
It’s now been over 6 years, and the 4 girls that started this group still meet on Fridays, now they often meet without their mom’s in tow. It’s amazing to watch them grow together, see how the play and interact, play sports, and create art.
It’s been a special group and a great way to make life long connections. If you have children but haven't been in a play group, I'd definitely suggest that you start your own- I think you'll be happy you did !
The first photo was taken of the girls when they were 6 years old, the second photo shows them when they were between 6months - a year. (submitted by: Tina Lynch)

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