Monday, June 8, 2009

Trail Running - the Gut Buster 1/2 Marathon

Last Sunday, we headed for the hills in Nanaimo to take part in the the Gutbuster trail running series. Lesley Standerwick, who is a personal trainer on Gabriola ( was with us and finished the half marathon in great timing.

The trail system was amazing, we started at the Colliery Dam (just off of Wakeshiah) and went towards Nanaimo lake roads, on the ridge we saw a beautiful view of Nanaimo, the ocean and Gabriola. There were plenty of ups and downs on the route, a few rivers to cross, which weren't bad, and through this mud puddle at about the 12 Km mark.

If your looking for a nice place to go for a hike, you might like to try some of these trails, or the trail system around Westwood Lake is a nice 6km hike. Submitted by: Tina LYNCH

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