Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Change....

We went for a little day trip yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to leave the Island for the morning and visit the garden stores near Coombs.
After the excursion to a couple of lovely nurseries, to pick up a beautiful hanging basket, we made an excursion to Qualicum. My Mother-in-law, who lives in the area, had told us about the change machine... It’s great - the kids poured the change they had saved onto a tray on the machine and watched through a little glass slot as it got sorted. It prints you out a receipt and you visit the teller to collect your bills.
The kids loved it and so did I, they had enough money to take me for a special DQ treat and buy a few more seeds for the garden, a nice change of scenery for the day.

Qualicum Beach is about a 40 minute drive from the Gabriola Ferry, if you'd like to visit the Quality Foods and cash in your change it's located at 705 Memorial Avenue. Submitted by: Tina LYNCH

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