Thursday, December 4, 2008

A great place for Animal Lovers

Gabriola seems to draw quite a number of people with a love of animals. It's noticeable by the number of organizations you'll find here that are devoted to helping and rescuing our two & four legged friends or our winged companions.

Gabriola Rescue of Wildlife Society provides care for injured or orphaned wildlife, to find more about them or join them as a volunteer visit .

Big Heart Rescue recently raised over $4000.00 at the Skol pub in one night, this organization is dedicated to helping animals in BC that are in need, to find out about adopting or fostering one of their rescues please visit .
If you like cats, Gabriola Cats Alive rescues abandoned cats. If you've lost an animal, the first place to check is Gabriola Pet Find the number to reach them at is 250.247.8654.

In addition to the many organizations, the island also has an amazing vetrinary clinic, run by owners Thomas Uhlig & Patricia Leather, Twin Cedars, #250-247-9185. The island is lucky to have their services as they offer exceptional care of our favorite four legged friends!

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