Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Rooted in Community…

In keeping with a tradition our family has started, and wanting to help share & create something for future generations on Gabriola, we have made a donation this year of the Blueberry plants to the Gabriola Commons, an organization committed to community service & sustainable living.

Next Saturday, October 25th after much planning and preparation by the volunteers of the Gabriola Commons, the Blueberries are going to be planted. If you have some time to spare between 9:30 and noon, we could use some extra hands (green thumbs or not) to help with the planting. For newcomers & long time residents this provides a great opportunity to help create something for future generations, as well an opportunity to meet some new people and get rooted in the community.

While there make sure to check out the Apple Orchard, the community garden, the new beautifully crafted cob fence, and the many upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you there! Remember to bring some garden gloves & gum boots (in Gabriola fashion)…

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