Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Art in the Office.

The artwork of Mary Jane Jessen

We are fortunate to be working in the office today, the artwork of Gabriola's own Mary Jane Jessen is going up on our walls (at Coast Realty) and it looks stunning!  The captivating images of spawning salmon are timed perfectly as we are nearing September.  If you'd like to view these images, stop by the office at #1-575 North Road.  To find out more about the artist, visit

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beach Quest : Discovering Gabriola's Marine Life

Explore 5 of the beaches on Gabriola with STU, a Black Oystercatcher, who leads us through this beautifully illustrated book produced by the Gabriola Historical & Museum Society.  This compact book is full of information, tips and gives interesting ideas for turning your walk into a treasure hunt for local marine life.  You'll enjoy the detailed maps of Taylor Bay, Descanso Bay, Brickyard Beach, Silva Bay and Drumbeg in this book, indicating where to find the marine life when you get to the beach.  If you'd like to purchase one of these local books, you'll find them at the Gabriola Museum for $15.
We'd also like to thank the volunteers that created this stunning book: Carroll Hodge, April Vannini, Edith Krauss, Devon Featherstone, Nancy Boyes, Jeffrey James, Ken Cripps, Sandie Hankewich, Lindsay Richards, Charleen Wells, Bill Cornish & Cec Ashley.

BONUS!  We've just added a copy to our little Lynch library on the Gabriola Ferry hill today (Aug.20 2014)

Monday, August 4, 2014

There's fun in the Trunk!

The organizers of the Gabriola Theatre Festival have been working hard to create an amazing event and would love a good turnout for the kids day that they have planned (Sat, Aug 16). Specifically, the show/musical on the Saturday morning, Trunk! They say it is really quality fun and they want to make sure as many kids get to see it as possible.
The age range is suited for kids 3-12, but enjoyed by all ages!
Trunk! is a family show — all tickets are $10.
Here’s what the organizers have said, “I really loved it because the cast is so talented, and musicals are so inspiring, so I'm sure the parents will as well :) Kerploding Theatre is really excited to be coming to Gabriola"
Here's a link for more info:
We're looking forward to seeing the entertainment in the Trunk!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Slaying the BRICKYARD beast.

If you've ever cycled around Gabriola, you'll be familiar with Brickyard hill, if you rode up it, you'll know the hill that I'm talking about.  In honor of this hill, Islanders have created one of the toughest 10km road races in Canada, The BRICKYARD BEAST, quite the sunday morning challenge. 
It is fun(!?!) and a well planned event, there is a strict code of silence while climbing the beast (until you catch your breathe) and a great station at the Gabriola Golf Course, where you can enjoy a simple cool down as the Island kids spray you with their water guns.  When you get to the finish line, you'll be greeted by spectators and  you can soak up some community spirit at the Commons, where there is an after party- complete with pizza and music.
There is still time to register, so throw on those runners, stick on a smile and head to the hill - I'll see you there, on my second beast slayer run, if I'm not talking - I'm just trying to get my breathe!

Submitted by Tina.