Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be our Dinner Guest ! and raise money for the Gabriola Commons

The Commons has organized "Community Dinners" to fundraise some money. We've chosen to host a dinner, if you want to be a "diner" I've attached a few of the menu's that I know about below as well as info about the events. We'd love to see you at our house ! Apparently they are filling up, call Heide to reserve a spot.
*Commons Community Dinners. Join us for a delicious meal, an opportunity to share ideas, to give feedback to The Commons, and to help us raise money in a new and different way. Send all questions, offers and reservations to Heide, 250-247-7384 or
For potential diners:
1.Choose the Dinner Party you'd like to attend. Suggested donation to the Commons for this memorable experience is $30 per person. 2.Contact Heide to make your reservation. 3.Bring your own beverage. 4.Enjoy the meal and company.

Here's a list of the dinners that I know of:



French salmon dinner. May 1, at 6:00

MENU Fondue Parmesan Caesar Salad Salmon Mousse Quiche Creme Caramel


Saturday, March 6th Time: 6:30

MENU Hot apple cider Filo wrapped chard/nettle Winter squash soup Lasagna Fresh focacia bread Salad Rhubard/blackberry pie



Friday, March 12 Time: 6:30

SEAFOOD MENU Prawn appy Salmon & Crab dinner Cheese Cake dessert

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Mortgage Rules in Canada

In light of the recent announcement concerning Canada bringing in new mortgage rules, we thought we would highlight some of the changes.

The rule changes, which come into force on 19 April, will require borrowers have the resources to qualify for a five-year fixed-rate mortgage even if they decide on a lower-cost variable mortgage. With interest rates near an all time low, this pro-active measure is designed to prevent the kind of problems that caused the US housing market to collapse.

The government will also lower max. amounts that can be withdrawn when the borrowers re-finance mortgages, ensuring that equity is kept in the home. The max. will now be 90 per cent of the value of the home, down from 95 percent.

The third rule change was that there will also be a requirement for a min. down payment of 20per cent for insured mortgages tied to properties purchased as speculative housing investment and not occupied by the home buyer.

If your contemplating purchasing a home on Gabriola, you may want to speak to your bank or mortgage broker, to see how these changes may affect you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gabriola Historical & Museum Society - The Shale

If you love to know bits of history, you may really enjoy reading a copy of the Gabriola Historical & Museum's society's "Shale". I had a dear friend drop off a copy for me at work today as she knows I'm working on a project that focusses on the history of Gabriola. A few weeks ago I attended the "Shale evening" at the Roxy, it was an interesting night that gave me more knowledge about the Island's History, I particularly liked hearing about the start of the Ambulance Society.
If you' like to be a member, please email the museum at, if you'd like a copy of the Shale, you can purchase one at Artworks or order one through the museum, inquiries can be made to If you'd like to attend the AGM it will be held on Tuesday, Feb 16, Women's Institute Hall starting at 7pm.
If you have any old photos of Gabriola, I'd love to see them, please an email to if you do.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stream of Dreams an ECO-EDUCATION PROGRAM reaches Gabriola !

If you went past the school today, you may have noticed a bright new addition to the fence outside the Gabriola Elementary School. This week the students & homeschoolers were lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the stream of dreams. Volunteers worked hard to cut out wooden fish, Stream of Dream instructors presented a talk about watersheds, and then the students got to paint the fish. Today another group of volunteers were busy arranging the fish on the fence helping to create a community art legacy and reminder of environmental responsibility.

New Tax Credit for Public Transportation (BC Ferries)

A friend of mine just let me know about a new tax credit that the Federal Government has brought in for use of public transportation. The BC Ferries website has information about qualifying your ferry trips for a tax credit and it looks like you will need to have 16 round trips in a 31 day period, which will effect residents on Gabriola that commute to Nanaimo for work. These will need to be paid for using an electronic payment card. You will need to register your BC Ferries experience card online or by phoning the Customer Service Center (1 888 223 3779). Once a card is registered you will be able to obtain a travel history report, this can be printed and will show all the trips taken on the card. For more information about the federal income tax credit for public transit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency Website and talk with your accountant. You may also want to read the full article on the BC Ferry website.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

The old folklore suggests that if the Groundhog sees his shadow today, we're in for 6 more weeks of winter, apparently it's a 39% chance of correctly predicting the weather. Well, I guess it's great news for the Winter Olympics that the groundhog saw his shadow today, although I was trying to dodge my shadow this morning in hopes that Spring would be here. Oh well, just more time to plan a low maintenance, draught tolerant garden on Gabriola.