Saturday, February 21, 2009

Relocating Homes

Over the years several homes to Gabriola have come as reclaimed homes from various areas. As real estate values have soared in parts of the Province, the land value is so great in some cases that it affords home owners the opportunity to build new. But with all the “green” and recycling initiatives, the idea of relocating homes, instead of demolishing them, has had a strong appeal.

Many of our relocated homes to the island have come from the mainland, via a barge, allowing a home to be relocated a greater distance than by trucking it. It’s quite the site to see from the shores of the island, a home floating past, and coming into Descanso Bay, where it is then put on a truck and delivered to a property, usually in the middle of the night.

The T&T property which was recently sold, had a home on the property that effected the development potential of the property, but instead of demolishing the home, the owners took care to have the home relocated. The new owners of the home, are very excited about the opportunity to keep some of the islands heritage. The “character” home, that many of us drove past on a daily basis without much notice, is believed to have been constructed circa the 1940’s and from long time islanders, the folklore goes that it served as the post office between 1943 to the early 1950’s. The new owners, even discovered a door in the home, that one time served as a drive-thru for the post office! It has been private residence since then to a couple of long time island families, and now is being moved on the island to a new site, where it will be renovated. It’s great to see that more of Gabriola’s heritage is being preserved! (If anyone has more history on this particular home, could you please email us with the details- we love the heritage stories.)

There are several home listings from Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver down to the US of homes for sale to be relocated. Nickel Brothers, is one of the moving companies of homes, have a wonderful website offering information on current stock, frequently asked questions, to process and so much more, check them out at: .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Something out of this WORLD

Something out of this world, is happening this weekend (feb 19/20/21)at Jupiter Ranch ( on Gabriola Island. While this island is renowned for the number of artists it attracts, Sylvie Milman, the owner of the Jupiter Ranch B&B, is keeping the arts community on its toes.

Bringing in new inspiration and opening her beautiful studio as a classroom, she has a guest artist Dominik Modlinski here to teach beginner and intermediate painters who wish to expand their knowledge of acrylic painting techniques while enhancing their perception and creative visualization. Dominik will introduce colour exercises based on three primary colours and white to introduce students to colour mixing and achieving unlimited colour harmonies. Randi is signed up to attend, and we're hoping to see some colorful canvases at the end of the weekend. Sumbitted by Tina Lynch.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gabriola Parent Participation Preschool Beer& Burger


The Surf Lodge & Restaurant
Saturday February 28th 6-10pm
Live Auction
Silent Auction
Burgers (beef, chicken & veg)
Beer, Beer & more beer
Live Music
Tickets only $10 each
A night without the kids...for the kids!
Call Tina Lynch for tickets and more information 250•247•9903
Come support the Gabriola Pre-School...
UPDATE: The event was held on Saturday, and raised well over $4000.00 ! What a fun way to raise money.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Made Valentines Cards

Being a bit of a romantic, I find that valentines is one of my favorite holidays... I love the cards - both the ones that are home made, and the kids cartoon cards - that just seem to get cuter each year!!!

So when Valentines was around the corner, I started my search on the Internet where there were hundreds of great ideas for making home-made Valentines cards. I cam across a website that had some simple ones to make that I thought might be fun to craft with the girls, for their Gabriola Preschool Valentines Party...

Originating from w. these fun lollipop lilies -were a hit, and relatively simple to make!

The flower patterns are available online at: , then just print them (ideally onto a colored card stock paper. Cut around the dotted edges, punch a whole in the middle of each - to put the lollipop through and let the kids decorate away... For simplicity we just used sparkle glue and did around the petals, which gave them a nice shimmer & looked a lot like fairy dust (a girls favorite thing!)

Next we tackled the leaves, which again the pattern is posted online at: , again you'll want to print them onto colored card stock, green is nice, but the flowers can also have a purple leaf! We carefully cut around each of the leaves, and again just put even more sparkle glue on them just the edges... Then it's time to put the name of the lucky recipient on the front of the leaf and the card creator on the back!

On a whim we slightly altered the cards and punched a hole in the leaves and pushed them up the lollipop stick until they reached the wrapper, which made them stay... For displaying them we took a foam lined basket filled it with moss and stuck all of the flowers in - ready for giving!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Madrona Marketplace - New Retail Development

Intrascape Developments is pleased to offer an opportunity to lease retail premises in the village of Gabriola Island at Madrona Marketplace - East. This will be Gabriola Island's newest retail development at 520 North Road. Madrona Marketplace - East (Phase 2) will include six units ranging from 1000 sqft to 2600 sqft, with potential of combining units for custom sizes and will be available for occupancy in the Fall of 2009. Phase 1 will be located on the property's east end at the juncture between North & South Road. Phase two of Madrona Marketplace will feature an additional 21,500 square feet of retail space ranging from 1000 square feet to 6,000 square feet in 12 units. Madrona Marketplace East & West will stand as the centerpiece of the North & South Road confluence, evolving as Gabriola Island's newly defined vibrant ton center.

Set in a phenomenal location, will stand this contemporary, West Coast development that will provide a special opportunity for a select group of retailers to serve the needs of a growing local population, tourists, visitors and workers alike in a stunning development. In return Gabriola will benefit from increased services and a dynamic, exciting and professional retail acumen. Madrona Marketplace will feature West Coast architecture using natural materials and colors, aside pedestrian friendly covered walkways, arbours and a center courtyard that will serve as a point of gathering, shopping and community pride.

When completed, Madrona Marketplace East & West will be home to more than 33,000 square feet of unique retail space. For additional information on this exciting retail opportunity contact Chris Hock of Intrascape Developments at #250.739.0330.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Shiatsu Studio on Gabriola

A new Shiatsu Studio has opened on Gabriola... I was very excited to receive a gift certificate to a full hour of relaxation - what a treat!

By gentle manipulation and pressure of certain acu-points and stretching, Olirach was able to re-establish a smooth flow of energy - so much so that I drifted off in a light sleep. The techniques used by Olirach are based on Chinese medicine and tailors the treatment to the unique individual needs of the client.

There website at has lots of additional information including a free upcoming workshop on Introduction to Mind & Body Well-Being: tools for living. As well as information on how to book their Valentine's Day February special: where during February only they are offering 'Buy one Shiatsu get one Free' specially for couples.

Discover the benefits of a relaxing, rejuvenating Shiatsu Massage. Submitted by: Randi Lynch.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gabriola │Social Media

I have just returned from Banff Western Connections Real Estate conference which centered around new trends & technology. During one of the sessions I started thinking about Gabriola and the many forms of social media that we use in our community.

Facebook is a wonderful platform to keep up to date with friends, as well as events that are happening on the island. Gabriola Artworks, if you haven’t made them a friend yet, is a great way to find out what’s happening with the arts & the upcoming events. Many other groups continue to emerge with things such as the Gabriola Swap & Shop (yep! online with your neighbors), and more recently we’ve been seeing local organizations joining with their members to keep everyone apprised at what’s going on…

Blogging is a gaining in popularity on the island with daily contributors from everything Gabriola to beautiful scenic photos taken of the island.

Searching the Flickr website and just searching a simple Gabriola generates over 6200 photos – most of the stunning scenic photos taken from around the island.

Of course, for those not online, there are still the old bulletin boards at the mailboxes that grace the island, and being a gulf island of course there’s always the rumor mill – a good source of information (reliable – well that might depend).